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Rubber and the Dalai Lama: a bridge of thoughts …

(this is not so much telling that the Dalai Lama be an extreme example of Religious Harassment; just take a person of sympathy — as the Dalai Lama probably is for most people — and a raw material of everyday use — as rubber is — for a moment of a thought; most of the following remains “below” consciousness of most of us, during the everyday struggling of life)


Shouldnt RUBBER be seen in the “tradition” of
* Manchester “Liberalism” (liberal only to the shoemakers but certainly not towards the workers in ghettos; Baudrillard says correctly that “the difference between workers and slaves is only the wages),
* Cotton industry of the South (with imported slaves: the different color of skin made it just easier to keep them hardworking and down in repression),
* Tea imports by Great Britain (outsourcing the slave problem to the colonial administration but basically the same thing),
* International Trade and International Financing (WTO and IWF/WorldBank maintain these structures with a monetary control system, comfortably freeing “all of us” from having to think about what happens there; examples are children work in India for things from furniture to gravestones and sidewalkstones, or cocoa production in Ivory Coast with buying children from Mali for the harvest and companies like Nestle and Mars Inc and Unilever and IFA etc.etc. having trade subsidies in Abidjan there)
— google search words for example “cocoa mali children ivorycoast nestle mars” —
* (not so far away) the IT “industry” today where millions have quite unsecure jobs with outsourced risks of their “customers”/employers (who get rid of good portions of their risk but who pay only for software results), and “sub”entrepreneurs” and developers who are not even secured for the next 10 years …
* (not so long ago, still “uptodate”) things like “Just-In-Time”, imported from Japanese Car Industry to Detroit and Wolfsburg (where the costs and risk of raw materials and automotive part stock and supply efficiency is outsourced onto the suppliers, without payment for that aspect, of course)

its very clear: when “we” import products originating from structures like JustInTime or Microsoft&co (meanwhile the biggest “job producer” in the world: a windows without bugs would cost millions of jobs, dont say thats untrue)
of course we import slavery as much as it is predominating at the production areas.

The real shame is that slavery (in any of the above forms) is based on the “good old” European “Christian tradition” of Serfs: feudalism is small unfree farmers, possessed by their Landlords and Nobles around a King or Emperor, and Serfs were nothing but slaves without slaves’ different skin color.

That is not a demagogic harrassment of Churches (sorry if it is a desillusion of people honoring JohnPaul or Benedict as “Holinesses”, it is not intended to wound religious feelings)
this is the result of Religious Harassment of all these people BY churches.

“We” Europeans have not really a reason to be proud of the “christian tradition” of Europe with inquisition, colonialisation and Missioning, and the development from Serfs to GhettoWorkers/Manchester to precariousJobs today.

(Coal OpenCastMining is better in the exploitation point but destroys and poisons the environment in which we have to live, all of us:
and even gas pipelines are stupid: natural gas can be “set free” by earthquakes, volcanos and other disasters and is even more a climate killer than CO2 is, when forests are near the gas power plant,
— i.e. burning gas is less a crime than burning oil and coal —
but still: pipelines need to be gas-tight and are expensive in construction and maintenance, it would be much more energy-efficient and at least a bit of nutrition help to burn gas in powerplants where gas is “produced” AND THEN transporting ELECTRICITY over the long distances instead of gas in pipelines:
electric wires are cheaper and simpler in both construction and maintenance, and a gas pipeline can be closed down as easily as an electric supply can be shut off, so what;
gas power plants with GreenBelt forests plantations nearby there, wherever the gas fields are, would be at least not an Environmental problem)


Dalai Lama:

(what has rubber to do with the Dalai Lama when he declares himself as a Marxist?)

Aside the political dimension of the statement
— it probably is a signal to China “I am one of you, we Tibetians just want to keep our group identity, as regional Communist Party groups have as well” or so —
* the Marxist aspect has, of course, a lot to do with Manchester-up-to-IT-of-today (as pointed out, above) and Karl Marx is not the personal property of any of us, Marx having said so much more than just refusing “Capitalism” and “Exploitation”: his work describes “RulemakingByMoney” at least as clear as it deals with MoneyMechanisms; and exploitation starts with “our” behavior towards children (“bring-me-a-beer”) and attitudes in families (is “family” a good form of life?)
* the Green aspect (which is correct: he said that some time ago, and it sounds honest as the Marxist statement sounds honest) has to do with how Nature and Environment (Climate/Environment/RawMaterial, just Resources generally) is abused by Human Beings
religious harrassment dimensions are not so severe because the Dalai Lama Church in Tibet is not so big and worldwide
— as Jewish Orthodox (Rabin murderers) or Islamic Sharia “Justice”
(Iran: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPqNCr8KKdU describes §83 for stoning-to-death and §105 allows the judge (!!) to carry out “punishments”)
or the Christian “WorkEthics” bossing/bullying/mobbing worldwide, meanwhile —
but still:
if one wishes to see how Religious Churches work when they are “powerful-enough” then (s)he just has to look back into the Inquisition age around 1000-1200 a.d. in Spain and Italy
— but pretty much of the rest of Europe as well —
and see how religion Churches act when they are in power: Iran/Indonesia/Taliban are not the only ones …

Conclusion: broader political movements have a good chance today (since the antisocialist from all sides — not only “western” McCarthy-style Antisocialists — developed and are developing their repression to perfection, still and even worse now)
broader political movements will decease as (actually State-Capitalism in) the Soviet Union if they find no way to keep OFF building their own ideology/religion structures:

party structure religions are as bad as Religion Church structures and as bad as those “Job”oriented or “workplace”oriented Management Religion Church structures
(which “we” have actually in the OECD for half a decade now)

hope this is not too much insulting any of our readers!

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